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Apa Itu Bitcoin Dan Cara Kumpul Bitcoin Percuma

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Step Cara kumpul Bitcoin secara percuma

Apa itu Bitcoin Sila lihat Video ini

Bitcoin ni dulu harganya tersangatlah rendah. Tetapi sekarang dah mencecah ribuan ringgit untuk 1 Bitcoin. Setiap tahun, harganya mesti meningkat. Jadi, kita kenalah rebut peluang simpan Bitcoin ni dan jadikan sebagai pelaburan yang lumayan.

Step kumpul dan laburkan Bitcoin secara percuma:

1. Sebelum kumpul bitcoin, pastikan buka wallet untuk simpan Bitcoin di dan wallet untuk simpan Bitcoin, Dogecoin dan Litecoin di

2. Daftar dan kumpul bitcoin secara percuma dengan mengunjungi Faucet dibawah:

P/s: Jangan lupa cari referral. Dengan referral, 0.5btc setiap bulan, setiap minggu adalah tidak mustahil. Dan ini merupakan income pasif. Jadi, kalau nak income besar dengan bitcoin, kena cari referral.

2. Daftar FREE dan kumpul bitcoin secara percuma dengan mengunjungi Faucet dibawah:

P/s: Jangan lupa cari referral. Dengan referral, 0.5btc setiap bulan, setiap minggu adalah tidak mustahil. Dan ini merupakan income pasif. Jadi, kalau nak income besar dengan bitcoin, kena cari referral.

Dekat freebitcoin ni, boleh collect bitcoin percuma setiap sejam. Dan setiap kali kita kumpul, akan dapat reward points.

Reward points yang terkumpul boleh ditukarkan kepada bitcoin atau hadiah di bawah. Tapi admin galakkan tukar kepada BTC Bonus yang 1000% untuk dapatkan lagi banyak Bitcoin. Yang electronics tak digalakkan sebab nanti kena tanggung sendiri stamp duty dan kos postage. Kalau nak dapat banyak reward points, claim bitcoin pada hari minggu.

Kalau korang register di freebitcoin guna page ni, admin akan bagi bitcoin percuma dekat korang setiap minggu mengikut jumlah kutipan Bitcoin mingguan.

Untuk register, klik sini. untuk mining bit coin percuma!


Ini faucet favourite admin. Sebab apa? Korang boleh kumpul setiap 5 minit atau ikut masa korang suka. Amaun Bitcoin ni akan jadi makin banyak kalau makin lama tak kumpul. Berbeza dengan faucet lain, amaun Bitcoin yang korang boleh claim tak berubah,

Dan yang paling best, amaun yang korang boleh claim tu boleh digandakan sehingga 300% setiap kali claim. Syarat dia mudah. Setiap hari kena claim sekurang-kurangnya sekali. Amaun akan digandakan 1%  setiap sehari kita claim dengan berturut-turut. Maksima boleh digandakan sehingga 100%. Kemudian, kalau ajak kawan claim Bitcoin dekat sini, kita akan dapat 1% gandaan dari jumlah Bitcoin yang kita claim sekiranya kawan kita aktif @ claim Bitcoin tersebut dalam tempoh 3 hari sebelum. Maksimum gandaan sehingga 100%. Dan setiap kali kita claim, kita akan dapat bonus misteri iaitu gandaan Bitcoin daripada 1%-100%. Jadi total gandaan maksimum claim yang kita boleh dapat ialah 300%.

Dan untuk bab referral tadi, kita akan dapat 50% commission seumur hidup daripada jumlah yang referral kita claim.

MoonBitcoin ada 2 websites serupa tetapi untuk claim wang digital yang berlainan iaitu MoonLitecoin dan MoonDogecoin. Boleh daftar pada ketiga-tiga website dan claim.

Klik Banner di bawah untuk register.

Litecoin dan Dodgecoin nanti boleh ditukarkan kepada Bitcoin di 24pay.meKlik sini untuk ke website tersebut. 

3- ClaimBtc

Dekat faucet ClaimBtc ni, boleh kumpul Bitcoin setiap 20minit. Amaun Bitcoin yang dikumpul akan meningkat setiap hari kalau kita claim sekurang-kurangnya sekali sehari. Dan kita akan dapat potion yang membantu kita meningkatkan amaun Bitcoin yang di claim atau mempercepatkan masa untuk claim Bitcoin.

Untuk register, klik sini.

4- Dapatkan Free Bitcoin di Alien Apps kini lebih banyak di DIGITAL ARTIST

Dekat Faucet ni korang boleh kumpul Bitcoin sambil main game. Ada banyak jenis game so boleh pilih mana yang kita suka.

Banyak lagi Game yang simple dan best.. Korang boleh tengok dan cuba sendiri.
Paling Best sebenarnya ialah dapat Bitcoin Free sambil main game hehehehe

Klik link di sini dan pilih game mana yang nak download.  DIGITAL ARTIST

Naturalsociety : Promoting Heart, Brain, and Digestive Health - Dates Health Benefits -

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date fruit
A product of the date palm and cultivated since approximately 6000 B.C, the date fruit is one of the sweetest fruits around and also happens to come in many different varieties. Although dates can be eaten fresh, the fruit is very often dried, resembling raisins or plums. But whether fresh or dry, the health benefits of dates are still just as plentiful.

  by Mike Barrett

Nutritional Content of Dates

If you’re looking for fiber, potassium, or copper, look no further than dates. While dates are rich in many vital nutrients and therefore offer many health benefits, the fruit is so small that you’ll need to consume a larger quantity to intake the necessary amount.
The following nutritional data outlines some of the key nutrients found in dates, and is based on a 100g serving of the fruit.
  • Fiber – 6.7 grams. 27% RDA.
  • Potassium – 696 milligrams. 20% RDA.
  • Copper – 0.4 milligrams. 18% RDA.
  • Manganese – 0.3 milligrams. 15% RDA.
  • Magnesium – 54 milligrams. 14% RDA.
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.2 milligrams. 12% RDA.
Note: Dates are high in sugar content – coming in at a whopping 66.5 grams per 100 gram serving of the fruit. It is recommended to lessen sugar consumption as much as possible, even when the sugar is being consumed from fruit.
Check out the USDA Nutrient Database for a full nutritional profile of dates.

The Known Health Benefits of Dates – What the Date Fruit Has to Offer

Dates aren’t exactly a nutritional powerhouse when compared to some other foods like kiwi or sesame seeds, but the fruit does still offer numerous health benefits along with great taste. Here are some health benefits of dates.
  • 1. Promoting Digestive Health, Relieving Constipation – Fiber is essential for promoting colon health and making for regular bowel movements. The insoluble and soluble fiber found in dates help to clean out the gastrointestinal system, allowing the colon to work at greater levels of efficiency. Some other benefits relating to fiber and colon health are reduced risks of colitis, colon cancer, and hemorrhoids. (Dates could even be coupled with other home remedies for hemorrhoids.)
  • 3. Anti-Inflammatory – Dates are rich in magnesium – a mineral known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. One study found that “inflammatory indicators in the body such as CRP (C-reactive protein), TNF (tumor necrosis factor alpha), and IL6 (interleukin 6) were all reduced when magnesium intake was increased.” Further, inflammation in the arterial walls was also reduced with magnesium intake. Based on magnesium’s anti-inflammatory properties and the findings of this study, magnesium can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and other inflammation-related health ailments.
  • 4. Reduced Blood Pressure – Magnesium has been shown to help lower blood pressure – and again, dates are full of the mineral. Additionally, potassium is another mineral in dates that has several functions within the body, aiding with the proper workings of the heart and helping to reduce blood pressure.
  • 5. Reduced Stroke Risk – After evaluating 7 studies published over a 14 year time period, researchers found stroke risk was reduced by 9% for every every 100 milligrams of magnesium a person consumes per day. The research can be found in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
  • 6. A Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery – Further adding to the health benefits of dates, one study performed by researchers at the University of Science and Technology set out to discover how the date fruit impacted labor parameters and delivery outcomes. After studying 69 women for a year and 1 month, the researchers found that “the consumption of date fruit in the last 4 weeks before labour significantly reduced the need for induction and augmentation of labour, and produced a more favourable, but non-significant, delivery outcome. The results warrant a randomised controlled trial.”
  • 7. Boosting Brain Health – Some studies, such as one found in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that sufficient vitamin B6 levels are associated with improved brain performance and better test scores.

A Summary of Dates Health Benefits: Dates are Great for:

  • Weight loss
  • Relieving constipation, supporting regular bowel movements
  • Promoting heart health, reducing heart disease risk
  • Diarrhea
  • Iron-deficiency anemia
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Impotence
  • Promoting respiratory and digestive health
  • Pregnancy deliveries
  • Hemorrhoid prevention
  • Chronic conditions such as arthritis
  • Reducing colitis risk
  • Preventing colon cancer
Remember to share all of the health benefits of dates with your friends and family!
Additional Sources:

Read more:


More Info

Specific Ramadan Etiquette Guide More..

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Ramadan Etiquette Guide: How to be a Non-Muslim During the Holy Month

 A couple of simple rules that will make the Ramadan fast a little easier on your Muslim colleague.

Around the world, Muslims observe Ramadan beginning with the sighting of the new crescent moon. The customs of the Islamic holy month are familiar to its faithful, but what do non-Muslims need to know about the month of fasting? Take a look back at a favorite post from contributors.

In the next few weeks, you may come into work and find your co-worker taking a power nap at 9:30am. At break time, you’ll notice she is missing in the discussion about Harry Potter over at the water cooler. At the staff meeting, you will be shocked when she is offered coffee and cookies and refuses! By lunch time, your concern about her missing at the water cooler compels you to investigate the situation.

Then you remember what she had mentioned last week over a delicious Sushi lunch. Flooded with relief, you go up to her desk, and proclaim with much gusto, “Ramadan Mubarak (Moo-baa-rak)!” Ramadan’s Blessings to you!

The month of Ramadan is a happy occasion; it is the month that the Muslim holy book, the Koran, was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad. Muslims are called by their religion to celebrate the month by coming together in worship, fasting each day for thirty days from dawn until sunset.
While this may seem like a tremendous feat, consider this: fasting while working is an even greater endeavor. Make it a little easier on your Muslim colleague by following a couple of simple rules:

The Greeting. The next time you find yourself in line for the copier with your Muslim colleague, feel free to wish him or her “Ramadan Mubarak” or “Ramadan Kareem” or simply “Happy Ramadan.” We absolutely love it when people acknowledge Ramadan and are happy about it.

Positive Reinforcement. Keep in mind that we’re fasting voluntarily and, actually, pretty joyously (despite the tired, sad look on our face). We’re not forced to fast. In fact, we wait for this month the whole year, so you don’t have to feel sorry for us. We are not trying to be rescued (other than by that ticking clock taking us closer to sunset!).

The Lunch Meeting. Most of us understand that life goes on, and so do lunch meetings, and if we are participating in them while fasting, don’t worry about eating in front of us. This is just part of the test. We appreciate your acknowledging our fast, but don’t feel the need to discuss it every time you show up in our line of sight holding food.

Just try not to eat smelly foods. . . and please ignore our stomach when it growls at your sandwich.

No Water. It’s true — we can’t drink water either. Again, this is part of the Ramadan test and our exercise of spiritual discipline. This is probably why you may not find your friend at the water cooler. Try switching the break time conversation to another location in the office. You should probably also let them skip their turn for the coffee run this time.

Halitosis. While God may tell us that the breath of the one fasting is like “fragrant musk” to Him, we know that you’re not God – and aren’t enjoying it. Understand why we’re standing a good foot away from you when speaking or simply using sign language to communicate.

Iftar Dinner. Consider holding a Ramadan Iftar dinner . Iftar is the Arabic word for the meal served at sunset when we break the fast (it’s literally our ‘breakfast’). This will be a nice gesture for Muslim coworkers and will give others the opportunity to learn about and partake in Ramadan festivities. Although there is no specific type of meal designated for iftars, it is is tradition to break the fast with a sweet and refreshing date before moving to a full-on dinner.
Fasting is not an excuse. Although energy levels might be low, the point of fasting is not to slack off from our other duties and responsibilities. We believe that we are rewarded for continuing to work and produce during our fasts. Fasting is not a reason to push meetings, clear schedules, or take a lighter load on projects.

That said — we don’t mind if you help work in a nap time for us!
Ramadan is a time for community and charity. There are iftar dinners held at mosques every night (you are welcome to join the fun – even if you’re not fasting!) and night time prayer vigils throughout the month. We give charity in abundance and make an extra effort to partake in community service. Throughout it all, we maintain an ambiance of joy and gratitude for all that God has blessed us with, and reflect on those in this world who have been given much less. This is a time for all of us–not just Muslims–to renew our spiritual intentions, increase our knowledge, and change ourselves for the better.


Coway Malaysia : Produk dan Cara Membuat Belian Tunai atau sewa beli. COWAY.MY

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Coway Malaysia
Tahukah anda ?? Produk Coway Malaysia seperti penapis air Coway boleh dimiliki dengan tiga cara pembelian:
1- Pembelian Secara Tunai (outright)2- Pembelian secara Sewa Beli.3- Pembelian secara Bayaran Ansuran (installment).  Tiga cara pembelian ini membezakan berapa komitmen bulanan. Contohnya jika anda berminat untuk membeli penapis air Coway model Villaem, anda perlu membayar:

RM3,800 Pembelian secara Outright.
RM125 Pembelian secara Sewa Beli.
RM 105.50 Pembelian secara Bayaran Ansuran.
Info Coway Malaysia

Kini dunia serba mudah.. semua boleh didapati dihujung jari, proses jual beli menjadi lebih mudah. Memiliki penapis air Coway juga semudah 1,2,3 jika anda membuat tempahan secara online. Anda tidak lagi perlu ke mana-mana pasaraya untuk membuat pendaftaran. Kami yakin, selepas selesai proses pendaftaran dan pembayaran, Cody atau pasukan teknikal kami akan ke rumah anda dalam masa 2 hari untuk memasang penapis air Coway anda.

Sila ikuti langkah mudah berikut :
  1. Sila hubungi kami di 0124506763 @ 0175750810 melalui SMS atau WhatsApp untuk bertanya berkaitan produk. Tanya perbezaan produk Coway, perbezaan harga Coway dan bagaimana cara untuk servis atau tukar filter Coway (semuanya PERCUMA selama lima tahun*).
  2. Saya akan hantarkan borang pendaftaran dan borang yang berkaitan. Anda isi dan pulangkan kepada kami.
  3. Anda buat pembayaran deposit dan bayaran bulan pertama seperti yang diterangkan pada langkah pertama. Anda tunggu tiga hari untuk pemasangan.
Sangat Mudah! Anda tidak perlu bazirkan masa, tenaga, dan petrol untuk memiliki penapis air Coway untuk keluarga anda. Sebarang pertanyaan berkenaan Produk Coway, sila hubungi saya/atau SMS/Whatsapp “COWAY” ke 0124506763 @ 0175750810. terus tekan butang ini -> Contact Us

@ terus mesej kami di [Facebook]


Coway Malaysia Penapis Air

Penapis Air

Penapis air Coway sudah terkenal di Malaysia bahkan di dunia kerana produknya yang berkualiti tinggi serta perkhidmatan selepas jualan yang terbaik. Penapis Air Coway didatangkan dengan pelbagai versi bagi memenuhi keperluan pengguna yang pelbagai

Penapis Udarapemerah jus

Sistem Penapis Udara ataupun Air Purifier Coway adalah Penapis Udara berteknologi tinggi yang digunakan oleh mereka yang inginkan udara bersih yang boleh membantu mengurangkan risiko penyakit. Rekaan bertaraf 5-BINTANG dengan harga mampu milik.

PeMerah Jus

jusUntuk Perahan semulajadi, nikmatilah Juicepresso Semua orang sudah tahu tentang kepentingan dan kebaikkan buah dan sayuran di dalam pemakanan seharian. Namun tidak semua orang mampu untuk meletakkan kesemua khasiat di dalam setiap hidangan. Kini Coway membantu anda!

Penapis Luarpenapisluar

TEKNOLOGI & INOVASI Teknologi penapis air luar rumah. Coway telah menambah variasi produknya dengan memperkenalkan penapis air luar rumah. Design yang Anggun dan Kemas, Saiz yang kecil serta diperbuat daripada besi tahan karat berkualiti tinggi.

SPA Mandian Coway

Keperluan Harian Untuk Kulit Yang Lebih Lembut
‘Coway’s Spa Softener’ mampu menghapuskan partikel-partikel tercemar dari sumber air di rumah bagi memastikan kulit anda hanya menyerap air yang bersih.

Manual Bidet

Eco Friendly Bidet Dengan hanya menggunakan tekanan air, Coway bidet tidak memerlukan pengguaan elektrik. Reka bentuk yang lebih sofistikated Bersih dan selamat 3 langkah pengawalan Elegan   Spesifikasi : Power  Consumption No electric required Filter MF Filter Water Flow Rear Cleansing 1.2 L/m  in Front Cleansing 1.2 L/min Water Temprature – Seat Temperature –Coway Eco Friendly Bidet

Cara Daftar Sophie Paris

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Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera,

Sophie PARIS Malaysia  telah dilancarkan secara rasmi pada bulan Januari 2012. Ia adalah pasaran yang ke-5 dan terkini yang diterokai oleh Sophie PARIS, syarikat jualan langsung fesyen terbesar di Asia . Kami bangga menjadi yang pertama Fesyen Multi-Level Marketing Company di Malaysia, yang telah berkembang pesat di sekitar Lembah Klang dengan menggunakan tema magenta!

Sophie PARIS Malaysia
adalah syarikat asing yang pertama 100% melabur secara langsung dengan pejabat korporat yang terletak di :

C-01, Menara PJX-HM Shah, 
No.16A, Persiaran Barat, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia,
(Sebelah Amcorp Mall dan Taman Jaya Putraline Stesen LRT. )

Terdapat pelbagai rekabentuk Perancis yang unik dan menarik seperti handbag, dompet, jam tangan dan aksesori yang lain.

Sophie PARIS Malaysia  mempunyai lebih daripada 40 orang yang terlatih dan mesra pengguna bersedia untuk memberikan perkhidmatan terbaik.

Maklumat Ringkas:

1. AJL 931939
2. Berasal dari Perancis, berkembang besar di Indonesia
3. Kini di Malaysia selepas Indonesia, Filipina, Vietnam dan Morocco
4. Beratus - ratus produk fesyen terkini dalam setiap katalog
6. Keahlian RM 15 seumur hidup, automatik diskaun 20%
7. Produk Baru Setiap 45 Hari!
8. Butik di Tingkat Bawah Menara PJX (Sebelah Amcorp Mall)
9. Peluang Menjana Pendapatan Tanpa Batasan!
10. Bina Rangkaian Anda Sebelum Sophie ni Jadi Mcm Avon! Jangan Lepaskan Peluang!

Business plan : KLIK SINI
catalogue online : KLIK SINI

Lepas tengak plan marketing & gambar yg menarik dalam katalog tu..

kalau berminat utk mendapatkan DISKAUN 20% boleh PM saya :

Beli barang + daftar Membership

dengan SOPHie PARIS layak mendapat DISKAUN 20% daripada harga katalog. Selain daripada itu, ahli berdaftar juga menerima kelayakan untuk mendapat bonus yang akan dibayar oleh pihak syarikat berdasarkan syarat-syarat tertentu yang telah ditetapkan oleh pihak syarikat.

Yuran Keahlian HANYA RM15.00 seumur hidup.

Sila PM atau SMS detail kepada saya :


No Maybank saya akan beri setelah mendapat detail dari tuan/puan

SMS/CALL : En Zaki - 014 2448 999

* Sila tambahkan KOS POS LAJU RM15.00 jika anda berada di luar KL / Selangor atau RM15.00 jika anda berada di Sabah / Sarawak, untuk urusan penghantaran katalog dan kit permulaan.

Lebih Maklumat/Produk di:


Sebarang pertanyaan, emelkan pada
sms 014 2448 999

News : Troubled Harrisburg now state's problem

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@CNNMoney November 23, 2011: 5:30 PM ET
harrisburg, bankruptcyA judge dismissed a bankruptcy filing by the Harrisburg City Council.
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- A federal judge Wednesday dismissed a bankruptcy petition filed by Harrisburg's City Council, saying that it violated state law.
The ruling now paves the way for the state to deal with Harrisburg's massive debt problem. A Pennsylvania court should decide by mid-December whether to approve Gov. Tom Corbett's candidate to serve as receiver for the troubled capital city.
The council, which has repeatedly tried to keep the state out of Harrisburg's affairs, had hoped to retain some control and force creditors to forgive some of the debt.
But federal bankruptcy Judge Mary France ruled the council's action was not authorized by state law, which prohibited the city from filing for bankruptcy. She also said the petition would not have been legal because it was not approved by the mayor.
The council voted in mid-October to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. The council's attorney, Mark Schwartz, said he would have to read the judge's order before he and city lawmakers decide whether to appeal.
Harrisburg's fate now lies in the hands of a state receiver. Corbett has nominated David Unkovic, a bond attorney who served until last week as chief counsel for the state Department of Community and Economic Development.
If approved, Unkovic would have until mid-January to come up with a plan to deal with the city's debts. The mayor and city council president will serve on the receiver's advisory board.
The financial turmoil in Harrisburg dates back 10 years, when the city decided to upgrade a trash incinerator. Harrisburg was counting on revenue from the project to cover the cost of financing it. Instead, it has left the city with $310 million in debt.
The situation at the state capital, with just under 50,000 residents, has grown more bleak over time. And that has set up a battle, with Mayor Linda Thompson and state officials on one side, and the city council on the other.
The mayor, who took office last year, has strongly opposed bankruptcy, calling it an option of last resort.
Thompson has turned to the state for help several times. A year ago the Pennsylvania state government gave the city $4.3 million to help stave off a bankruptcy threat at that time.
The mayor also petitioned the state last year to enter its distressed municipalities program, which prompted a state consultant to come up with a recovery plan. Under a state law approved earlier this year, distressed cities cannot file for bankruptcy or they risk losing state aid.
However, the city council rejected the state's plan this summer, as well as a similar proposal drawn up by the mayor. That proposal called for selling the incinerator and leasing the city's public parking lots.

U.S. manufacturing slowdown: 4 cities at most risk

Thompson on Tuesday released a 2012 budget that calls for a property tax hike of roughly $50 to $100 for most Harrisburg residents, as well as a hiring freeze and cut in spending. Most city workers would also see their wages frozen.
The council must vote on the budget by Dec. 31.
The rejection of the bankruptcy filing allows Harrisburg to move forward, said Robert Philbin, the mayor's spokesman.
"Now the city can get focused on working with the receiver to get the city to financial solvency," Philbin said. To top of page

Malaysia Budget 2012 revealed

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Last year our FDI growth was the strongest in Asia and in the first 6 months of this year have already reached RM21.2bil

- In 2012, private investment is forecast to climb 15.9%, supported by foreign and domestic investment

- GDP in the first 6 months of 2011 was 4.4%, driven by strong domestic consumption

- In 2011, the economy is forecast to grow by 5-5.5%

- Private and public investment are forecast to increase by 15.9% and 7%, supported by foreign investment, the ETP and 10MP

- In 2012, the service sector is expected to grow 6.5%, the construction sector 7% and GDP is forecast to be between 5 and 6%

- Budget 2012 allocates RM232.8bil for Government plans, including RM181.6bil for management and RM51.2bil for development

- RM29.8bil has been allocated for investment in infrastructure, industrial and rural development

- RM13.6bil has been allocated for the social sector, including education and training, welfare, housing and community development

- Total revenue for 2012 is forecast to increase 1.9% to RM186.9bil and the deficit to decrease to 4.7% of GDP from 5.4% in 2011

- The theme for Budget 2012 is “National Transformation Policy: Welfare for the Rakyat, Well-Being of the Nation”

- We will focus on accelerating investment and further liberalise 17 services sub-sectors, in places enabling 100% foreign equity.

- RP2 will be implemented in 2012, and it will be allocated RM98.4bil, to be split evenly between 2012 & 2013

- RP2 main projects will include the East Coast Highway from Jabor to T’ganu and road upgrades from Kota Marudu to Ranau

- RM18bil of the RM20bil PPP Facilitation Fund will be used for high impact projects, with RM2 billion for bumiputera entrepreneurs

- In 2012, the Government will allocate RM978mil to accelerate the development in five regional corridors

- The Treasury Management Centre will be established and offer incentives to develop M’sia as a competitive financial centre

- We will develop the Kuala Lumpur International Financial District, with incentives including income tax exemptions for firms

- Income tax exemptions for non-ringgit sukuk issuance and transactions will be extended for another 3 years

- To promote the development of Exchange Traded Funds products I-VCAP will provide RM200mil for Shariah-compliant ETFs

- Felda GVH will be listed on Bursa Malaysia by mid-2012 to raise funds for the company to become a global conglomerate. Felda settlers are expected to receive a windfall, and the amount will be announced before listing

- A RM2bil shariah-compliant SME Financing Fund managed by selected Islamic banks will be established in 2012

- A RM100mil SME Revitalisation Fund offering loans up to a maximum of RM1mil for entrepreneurs will be available from Jan 2012

- Full exemption of import duty and excise duty on hybrid cars and electric cars will continue to be given until 2013

- To promote tourism, the Langkawi Five Year Tourism Development Master Plan will be launched with an allocation of RM420mil

- The real property gains tax will be reviewed so it doesn’t jeopardise the ability of low- and middle-income groups to buy homes

- The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council will be privatised to promote and develop Malaysia as a healthcare destination

- Budget focuses on developing human capital, creativity and innovation and 2012 will be the National Innovation Movement year

- The Govt has allocated RM100mil promote innovation including the 1Malaysia Award (C1PTA) for innovative student inventions

- To enable SMEs to commercialise research products a Commercialisation Innovation Fund totalling RM500mil will be established

- RM50.2bil will be allocated to the education sector so that it can continue to develop talented, creative and innovative people

- RM1bil will be provided through a special fund for the construction, improvement and maintenance of schools

- We will abolish payments for primary and secondary education, making these free for the first time in our history

- Private schools registered with the Education Ministry will be given incentives including an Investment Tax Allowance

- The Govt will give tax exemption for contributions to educational institutions and all places of worship

- To encourage private sector human capital development incentives including a double deduction on scholarships will be offered

- Budget 2012 introduces a Rural Transformation Programme, so that rural areas can attract private investment and create employment

- RM5bil to develop rural infrastructure, including RM1.8bil to the Rural Road Programme & Village-Link Road Project

- RM500mil to expand the programme to supply clean water to the rural community in Sabah

- RM400mil to upgrade the water supply infrastructure in selected Felda areas

- To provide greater access to bank services for the rural population, Bank Simpanan Nasional will appoint agents in rural areas

- RM90mil for the Orang Asli for basic necessities, including the expansion of the clean water supply project. For the Orang Asli affected by the landslides at Sungai Ruil, RM20mil is provided for their relocation to new homes

- 600,000 Govt pensioners will benefit from an additional annual pension increment of 2%

- Civil servants get pay rise between RM80 to RM320

- Govt will extend the compulsory retirement age from 58 to 60 years old to optimise civil servants’ contribution

- Civil servants will be offered tuition fee assistance for part-time studies, including 5,000 masters and 500 doctoral scholarships

- A special programme will be introduced for 175,000 army personnel who are not eligible for pensions

- RM3,000 will be given to ex-members of the special constable and auxiliary police as well as widows and widowers

- The Govt is mindful of the plight of the rakyat due to rising food prices and will take measures to address this

- The National Agro-Food Policy 2011-2020 will be launched and RM1.1bil allocated for the development of the agriculture sector

- In the spirit of “People First,” all subsidies, incentives and assistance totalling RM33.2bil will be continued

- 500,000 will benefit from KAR1SMA, which provides assistance to poor senior citizens and children and disabled people

- My First Home Scheme will be expanded to increase the limit of house prices from a maximum of RM220,000 to RM400,000

- Govt will identify areas in the vicinity of MRT, LRT and other public transport to be developed by PR1MA

- Govt will continue to implement the Program Perumahan Rakyat by building 75,000 units of affordable houses

- Govt will establish the Special Housing Fund for Fishermen to build and refurbish houses

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